Automation & Process Control

INPROTEC  acting as a "Main Automation Supplier" from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning, Designs and Integrates Safety and Control customized systems to meet all possible requirements for:

- Integrated Control & Safety Systems, ICSS

- Distributed Controls Systems, DCS

- Emergency Shutdown System in accordance with IEC61508 - 61511 and NFPA, ESD

- Fire & Gas System in accordance with IEC61508, NFPA and EN, F&G

- Burner Management & Safety System in accordance with NFPA 85, BMS

- Burner Management Control System, BCS

- Supervisory and Control System SCADA, RTU

- High Integrity Pressure Protection System, HIPPS

- Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, HVAC

- Leak Detection System, LDS

- Conventional PLC integrating Various Hardware Configuration

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As a part of our activities, to provide our customers with complete range of excellent services, INPROTEC provides Global System Integration Solutions, for Industrial Automation and Process Control Projects:

Basic and Detail Engineering

- Functional Analysis

- System Design and Hardware Integration

- Definition of hardware and network architecture

- Functional Design Specification

- Detail Design Specification

- HMI Specification

- Power consumption

- Cable lists

- Card & Tag Assignment

- Cabinets layout

- Wiring diagrams

- Loop diagrams

- Power consumption balance

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Software Development & Supervision

- Build the Project Databases

- Application Development in compliance with IEC 1131

- Process Control Logics

- Simple, Complex and Sequential Loops

- Safety Logics

- Cause and Effect Matrixes

- First-out Logic Implementation

- Design Block Diagram

- Graphic Displays Construction

- Alarm System and Sequence of Events Implementation

- Real time And Historical Trends

- System Diagnostics

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auto Software-Development-_-Supervision-Photo 2
auto Software-Development-_-Supervision-Photo 2


Cabinet Fabrication

The manufactured cabinets can be designed for different area classifications and applications;

- System & marshalling cabinets

- Power distribution panels

- Interposing relay panels

- Pressurized Panels

- Local Control Panel

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auto Cabinet-Fabrication-Photo 1
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Tests and Validations

Provision of 2.000 m2 Workshop and Staging Area in Milan, Cinisello Balsamo for:

- Internal Testing of Applications, Cabinets and Communications

- FAT and iFAT

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auto Cabinet-Fabrication-Photo 2