our history inprotec

INPROTEC, with headquarters in Milan, Italy, started its mission in 1992 getting advantage from a professional team over twenty five years of experience and competence in Automation and Controls in the Industrial Process environment.

INPROTEC core activities have always been associated with Control Solutions in the field of Critical Processes, by engineering and applying Control Systems designed and certified to provide reliability, Safety and Availability, with high focus on Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical.

The Company developed and grew in the recent years to become a Main Automation Supplier, with different Business Unit, where each Unit contributes by specific skills in terms of knowledge, products and solutions, providing complementary activities, allowing an availability of much more global solutions to be offered.

INPROTEC has installed base in more than 30 countries across the world and has spread its presence throughout the Italian territory, while started in 2001 an Algerian Affiliate "INPROTEC Algérie" located in Algiers to provide close to door customized Solutions, Support and Assistance for the customers in Algeria and North Africa at the highest standards.

In 2015, INPROTEC, extend their portfolio with a new Business Unit, "CIEMME Progetti" based in Varese, in charge of the Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Basic and Detail Engineering.

The strength and know-how management developed by INPROTEC, help companies with comprehensive solutions to make strategic choices and carry them to develop and implement their projects.

This acquisition as a part of our investment and grow up strategy, aimed at strengthening the structure of our organization.